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Yuppie Wagon

Dickens Opera House, 301 Main St, Longmont, CO


Colorado Halloween Mini-Fest & Solo Artist Awards

Herman's Hideway, 1578 S Broadway, Denver, Co.

Derek Danes OHL Of Flash Mountain Flood, Dakini Rapture, Jesse Marcus & The Gamechangers, Honey's Dime, Midnight Shakedown, Bodango, Heliosheath, Laryssa Annielle The Get Him Jealous Band, Blake Freedom, Luvvchild, Yuppie Wagon, Dezirae Schalice, The Ursidae



Yuppie Wagon Live ((CHURCH))

Private Party Event, Denver, Denver, Co.


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Yuppie Wagon - Lead Guitar/Vocals: Bryce Evans - Drums: Colin Brown - Bass: Stanley Brown

Yuppie Wagon was founded by members Stan and Colin Brown, and Bryce Evans. Coming together to create a different type of 3 piece power trio. Yuppie Wagon is based out of Longmont, Colorado and plays all up and down the Front Range. Creating a Blues/ Rock fusion, Yuppie Wagon is a pillar of power not to be messed with. Screaming guitar, thumping bass and gut busting drums is what Yuppie Wagon is all about.

Currently working on their first studio EP that will be out by March and gigging across the state of Colorado. Opening for many groups such as, “That 80’s Band” "Kaepora" "The Midnight Shakedown" and many more. The group is no stranger to stage playing, in fact they do it a lot, and they like it! With more shows and venues to play, Yuppie Wagon is a busy group of music lovers who want to share their passion with the world!

Between playing shows, recording, and marketing their work, it’s a wonder how Yuppie Wagon gets time to live like normal people, but trust us, we do! Music is our passion, and we want to share that experience with the rest of you.

“That is why we are together, to make people feel that blues and good power trio rock is not dead, come see us in person and find out that it’s not!” Be sure to keep checking for more info on the group, tour dates, and much more!